We are actively involved in Early Supplier Involvement programs with our customer on their product design. We make precision tools, over mold tools, fast cycle, hot tip/hot runner tools, multi cavities, complex tools, double shot tools for various industries such as telecommunication ,data storage, electrical & electronics,consumer,medical,automotive,power,computer peripherals & other. We conducts Form Fit Matrix.

We call ourself as a 1-Stop Tool / Die Design Package centres :

Mold Design Team (CAD) :

  • Designers are experience (former mold makers)
  • Mold flow analysis prior mold design (customer review)
  • 3D design generating 2D blueprint for customer evaluation when required.
  • Generate most efficient way of metal machining, helps in achieving short lead time.

Engineering Software :

  • SolidWorks 2009
  • DraftSight V2010
  • MoldFlow Plastic Insight 5.1
  • SolidCam 2009

Mold Manufacturing Team :

  • Experience mold makers.
  • Precision and quality machining, fitting and assembling of mold components.
  • CNC MillingCNC Milling
  • Surface Grinding MachineSurface Grinding Machine
  • Tool RoomTool Room
  • CNC EDM MachineCNC EDM Machine
  • CNC EDM MachineCNC EDM Machine